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We believe that it is desirable for all residents of the Comox Valley to enjoy the privileges of living within a free, welcoming, inclusive, and civil community; and

We believe that no resident or visitor to the Comox Valley ought to suffer from the effects of harassment, intimidation, threat, hateful actions, physical injury, damage to their property, or other forms of violence which are motivated by bias. This includes, but is not limited to, any bias based upon their race, religious belief or non-belief, cultural origin, ethnic origin, perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, economic status, disability status, or social status; and

We believe that it is the duty of all residents, acting individually and together, to strive for the achievement of a community in which we acknowledge our diversity by affirming our differences and welcoming the contributions that arise from each resident’s unique gifts; and

We believe that every resident has the right to experience the sense of belonging to this community that arises from our daily commitment to creating a better world.


As authorized representatives of the governments, agencies, and organizations named, we accept and agree to work towards the effective implementation of policies and practices within our respective governments, agencies, and organizations that recognize, affirm and encourage the inclusion of all; and we commit our governments, agencies and organizations to the implementation of the integrated responses to racist, homophobic and hate-based critical incidents which are the subject of this Protocol; and we encourage all residents and visitors to the Comox Valley to welcome and engage with each other in ways that incorporate the principles of inclusion, affirmation of difference, and broadening our understanding of one another so that these principles shall be evident in the ways in which we live and work together.

COVID-19 Pandemic Notice

Thank you for coming to the Community Justice Centre website.  In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have significantly adjusted our operations to protect our volunteers, staff and clients.

If you have a scheduled appointment or meeting at the office, please knock on the door loudly! If you are wishing to contact us about about a current file, please call 250-334-8101 and leave your name, phone number, e-mail address, file number, and a message.  

During our limited hours of operation we will call you back when a case co-ordinator is in the office.  Please indicate when a good time to call you would be: morning, afternoon, evening. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at, or fax us at 250-334-8102

We should normally be able to respond within 2-3 days, but please remember these are not normal days!  Please check our website for further information at

This alteration in our hours of service will be in effect, initially, from Friday, April 17 to Friday, May 22nd inclusive.

Your understanding and patience is deeply appreciated.