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In recognition of Ms Campagnolo’s life-long commitments to justice for First Nations, equity for women and men around the world and here at home, her notable work on behalf of the protection of the environment, and her frequent contributions as the CJC’s “Ambassador for Restorative Justice”, the CJC launched an annual lecture series in her name.

Each year, usually in the Spring, the CJC invites a special guest speaker to present their insights and ideas about the role, function and effects of enhancing the practice of restorative justice in modern society.

For the inaugural Iona Campagnolo Lecture in Restorative Justice, the CJC invited Dr. Brenda Morrison, director of SFU’s Centre for Restorative Justice, to speak about her research and experience in restorative justice and the role of volunteers from our community in building a better world through conflict resolution. The title of her lecture was “Journey to Belonging: Identity, Ritual and Justice” which explored the many ways that restorative justice offers healing to the community following conflict.

Subsequent Lectures have been given by leading thinkers and most have been video recorded and are available for viewing on this page.

2020: Senator Murray Sinclair
Senator Murray Sinclair

2019: RCMP Commissioner Brenda M. Lucki

RCMP Commissioner Brenda M. Lucki

2018: Taking a New Approach to Criminal Justice: Reconciliation and Restorative Justice
2017: A Duet on Justice

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, 26th Governor General of Canada & Dr. John Ralston Saul, former President of PEN International

“A Duet on Justice: Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul in Dialogue and Conversation”

Click here for video

2016: Broken Minds & Broken Laws

Svend Robinson, Chevalier, L’Ordre de la Pléiade, Ll.B., Senior Specialist, Parliamentary Affairs The Global Fund, Geneva

“Broken Minds & Broken Laws: Restoration and Justice”

Click here for video

2015: The Evolution of Restorative Justice in the Canadian Legal System

The Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, P.C., Chief Justice of Canada

The Evolution of Restorative Justice in the Canadian Legal System”

Click here for video

2014: A place for restorative justice

Judge Ross Green, Saskatchewan Provincial Court, author of “Tough on Kids: Approaches to Youth Justice”

A place for restorative justice in 2014: Making a difference through fairness, respect, truth and hope”

Click here for video

2013: Rethinking Our Journey to Smart Justice

Judge Barry Stewart, retired Chief Justice, Yukon Territorial Court, originator of Circle Sentencing





“Rethinking Our Journey to Smart Justice”

2012: Journey to Belonging

Dr. Brenda Morrison, Director, SFU’s Centre for Restorative Justice





“Journey to Belonging: Identity, Ritual and Justice”


March Addressing Mental Health and Addictions in Restorative Justice”, regional training event to enhance RJ practice for supporting those with mental health and addictions issues. Click For Workshop Outline.
November Introduction to Proposed Standards for Restorative Justice Practices”, a local training event to update and understand CJC’s programme and comparisons with proposed standards for B.C.’s RJ programs
January “An RJ Approach to Elder Abuse”, regional training event and service agency information session on RJ service for Elder Abuse. Click For Workshop Outline.
April “Teshuva: A Passover Seder Of Reconciliation”, Click to view Seder Haggadah.
September Renewal of the Critical Incident Response Protocol Witnessing Ceremony. Click for a Souvenir of the CeremonyPoster, and Public Witnessing Ceremony Programme.  View the Ceremony.
November 17-20 “Man Up” Play Tour of Comox Valley – In partnership with the City of Courtenay Community Drug Strategy Committee, brought the Boys Club Network play to three high schools and North Island College.
August “Walking With Our Sisters” Memorial Exhibition, collaboration with K’ómoks First Nation to bring Touring Exhibition of 1,800 moccasin vamps to commemorate the 1,300 missing and murdered Aboriginal women.
September Clearing the Lens: Neuroscience and Restorative Justice” Workshop/Training, Raj Dhasi, Workshop Leader
April Tikkun Olam: A Community Passover Seder. Click to view Seder Haggadah.
April Dr. Jackson Katz in the Comox Valley:
“The Macho Paradox” (community presentation)
“Breakfast with the Guys” (male menor’s breakfast event)
“Violence and Silence” (Isfeld Secondary)
“Overcoming Bystander Silence and Inaction” (19 Wing Leaders, CFB Comox)
March “Hands of the Next Generation” – an exhibition of new works from the CVAG Youth Print-Making Workshop. Click for Exhibition Catalogue.
March The Compassionate Seder: A Community Passover Seder. Click to view Seder Haggadah.
March The Arts: Talking About Hate – “Towards Grace” Comox Valley Art Gallery Members Exhibition
April The Arts: Talking About Hate – “Hands Across the Divide – Choral Music Countering Racism, a performance of Peter Beering’s Songs of a Salish Chief. Click to view Concert Programme.
April Victims of Hate: We ALL Have a Role to Play, an evening of theatre.  (Double bill of “Everybody Comes to Tim’s” and “Torn Rainbow”). Click to view Conference Agenda.

Theatrical Double Bill


March Dance in the Spirit – Spirit in the Dance, an Interfaith Bridging Project involving spiritual dance across faiths.
April “Apology & Forgiveness: Moving Forward on a Path of Healing” a conference featuring Dr. Izeldeen Abuelaish. Click to view Introduction to Dr. Abuelaish.
April – June Torn Rainbow or Sticks or Stones & Names May Break Me” – a play commissioned to counter racism and homophobia in high schools; toured Vancouver Island
October Dealing with hate crime: a community response through social networking” (with Megan Cursons, Greg Phelps, Terri Wilson), Keynote Panel at Embracing Difference, Engaging Community Symposium

Taking Steps to Eliminate Racism: A Community Dialogue for Building a Better Community. Click to view Dialogue Programme.

February Seeking Balance: An Interfaith Community Dialogue on the Environment. Click to view Programme.
March “Peace Requiem”, by Larry Nichol, Vancouver Island Premiere. Click to view Programme.
March Give Hate No Space: a Community Dialogue on Responding to Hate Crime. Click to view Programme.

“Imagine a World Without Hate” song and poetry contest Finalist’s performance.  Click to view more.

March Rituals to Justice: an Inter-Faith Bridging Dialogue on Countering Racism & Hate. Click to view Programme.
March UN Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: Breaking the Barriers. Click to view Programme.
March Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast Regional Youth Forum on Diversity and Inclusion
April Lake Trail School & Community Dialogue on Racism
May Community Witnessing Ceremony – Critical Incident Response Protocol, expressing commitments to respond to incidents of racism, homophobia and hate crime and support a broad educational program. Click to view Programme.
May “Building Community: Creating a sense of belonging in our schools, neighbourhoods, organisations, and communities” a regional Social Justice conference. Click to view Conference Schedule.
July “Peaceful Assembly” An address delivered on The Civic Plaza of Sid Williams Theatre.